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Immokalee is an area of land that is not regulated or governed by a municipal corporation. In other words, it is unincorporated region and is part of Collier County, Florida. Immokalee is found alongside Florida State Road 29. As I drove from my Lehigh Acres residence, I mapped out the distance between my home and the town of Immokalee. It is about a 40-minute drive and it is 27 miles from my home. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the census-designated place of Immokalee has a total area of 23.3 square miles, in which, 22.7 square miles is land and the rest is water ("United States Census Bureau," 2015).
This area was originally occupied by the Calusa Indians and hundreds of years later; it was occupied by the Seminole Indians. The Miccosukee Indians were part of the Seminole population, therefore, Immokalee means “my home” in the Mikasuki dialect. In April 1st, 2010 the population census was 24,154 ("United States Census Bureau," 2015). The majority of the population are Hispanic or Latino taking up 75.6 percent of the people in this region. It was also surprising to know that females under the age of 65 but over the age of 18 accounted for 44.7 percent ("United States Census Bureau," 2015) of this population. This area thrives of agriculture as land takes up most of it. Many of the people who live in Immokalee are
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Low wages lead to reasonable and safe housing. Many of the farmworkers live with as many to 5-6 people in a small mobile home. As I drove around the area of Immokalee, I took pictures of the homes and many had broken taped up windows, poor built stairs, fundamental structural deficiencies, as well as electrical problems. “More than a quarter of migrant worker camps have rodent problems and insufficient living space to accommodate the number of workers” ("ChangeLab Solutions," 2013, p.
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