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The biweekly Saturday free clinic was full and overflowing the first time my best friend brought me to the Student for Health organization’s community health clinic. For the next two years, I was ‘hooked on’ the organization’s volunteer health services. It was always exciting to come and help with the health screening services. We screened mostly for chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. I was always curious to know the fate of patients referred to major hospitals by our medical director: Did they make a full recovery? Was there anything more we could have done to help them get better? It was this drive to be better informed, better positioned to offer help to those in dire circumstances that spurred my interest…show more content…
While practicing in Nigeria, one thing that bothered me a great deal was how patients battling heart diseases were more likely to show up to the hospital only when their medical conditions had become severe. Though often wishful that patients presented earlier, I was nevertheless always determined to help the patients as much as I could. In the end, I concluded that to best serve the patient population we attended to at the hospital, a further training in internal medicine would equip me with the tools needed to effectively help and treat my patients.

Taking steps towards achieving my goal of becoming an internist, I took and passed the West African residency exams for internal medicine residency in Nigeria. While awaiting commencement, I migrated to the US, where I now continue to pursue this goal. Internal medicine would enable me to better understand my patients, offer treatment for their health problems that might not be clear to other practitioners. And as a cardiologist, I will be able to help patients understand the fundamentals of ‘healthy heart habits’.

I seek a residency in internal medicine because it values the role of teamwork in providing better care, and greater hope, for patients. I look forward to training in a field that aims to understand community needs through compassion, thrives on team-based solutions to problems, and cares for life through its last
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