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Christian Lett & Tylar Richmond Professor Karen Koenig BMGT 1010:001 Business Principles 9 December 2015 Hello, my name is Christian Lett, and I am speaking on behalf of myself, and my two business partners, Tylar Richmond, and Aaliyah Rose. I know you’re wondering what our business consists of. Well, we are a retail boutique who only offers high end fashion. High end fashion is apparel that is attended for people who are looking for great quality, and willing to pay a lot of money for a desired piece. Our boutique goes by the name of Diversity. We go by the name “diversity” simply because, we are a boutique who sales a variety of high end clothing brands. This variety ranging from brands like; Y-3, Kanye West (Season 1, 2, etc.),…show more content…
She is so good, we only rely on her, to maintain this role. Last but not least, we have Aaliyah Rose. Aaliyah Rose roles is to manage all social media sites, marketing schemes/planning, blogging, and etc. Aaliyah strives to make sure employees post new items, and upcoming releases at least twice a day on the store 's Instagram page. This technique is our only social networking plan, and it is proven to work. For we have celebrities, and big supporters constantly repost our new release items. Now, out of all roles Aaliyah’s biggest role is to tell the world Diversity 's story. Telling a story is something that will always convey an individual that loves fashion, to certain clothing brands. For example, what Jerry Lorenzo has done with the brand, Fear of God is truly telling a story. “Los Angeles-based label Fear of God is defined by an interesting juxtaposition; a bricolage of inspiration that contrasts with simple designs, creating the brand’s signature aesthetic. While the garments tell a story themselves, it is Fear of God’s most recent lookbook that fully breathed life into the creations of owner Jerry Lorenzo, which enlightened fans on the themes that are driving his creative process. Above all else, Fear of God is a culmination of Lorenzo’s meditation on grunge, hip-hop, and fashion cultures, manifesting through subtle silhouettes and minimal design (” Lorenzo’s
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