Sample Letter For A Leadership Challenge Team

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Step 1: As a team, decide who will read each one of the articles in the readings below. Do NOT assign the second article in the list, "Leadership That Gets Results." Make these assignments early in the week so your teammates have ample time.
Please note - you may need to log into your IU authentication system before you are able to follow the link^B&bookid=76826 (Links to an external site.)
Step 2: Read and post a summary of your assigned article by Thursday. In your post, also address how this information is relevant to your Leadership Challenge Team and its efforts to be a high performance team with excellent, shared leadership. (How might you actually USE this information? What behaviors would you and your teammates engage in if you followed the advice from the article.) Finally, in your post, describe an Emotionally Intelligent leader who you 've personally known. (How do you know this person? Why do you describe her or him as Emotionally Intelligent? What traits of this leader do you hope to embody as a leader?
Step 3: Read all and respond to at LEAST one post on Sunday. Ask questions, comment on the article that seems most relevant to you and your leadership development, contribute to the discussion of how your team might benefit from this information, etc.
Flawless, professional writing is expected of all submissions.

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