Sample Letter For Master Teacher

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1. How were you notified of this honor? I had no idea until I was in the October 28th faculty meeting. Dr. Fortmayer began reading the awards of the USD 443 recipient, and when he named the Dwight D. Eisenhower award, I knew that I had been chosen. There have only been a few of the Eisenhower awards given, so that was the moment I knew. 2. How were you nominated? I was nominated by a colleague, Denise Hopper. I mentioned that I really wanted to know so that I could thank the person responsible. Denise is a fine teacher, a role model and a professional, and I am grateful to her. 3. What does it mean to you? Being nominated for Master Teacher is an honor that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have known many Master Teachers in this district and they are the epitome of excellence in education. I will do my best to represent the district well as I go through the application process. 4. How long have you been in the district? What positions have you held? I started at Dodge City High School in 1994 and I have taught all levels of English, served as the debate coach, and I have taught psychology. In addition, I have been a cheerleader coach, SADD sponsor, KAYS sponsor, and travel leader. I taught at Project Nightwing (our night school that lasted one year); I taught Read 180 in an after school program; and I directed the after school tutoring program for one year. 5. What made you want to be a teacher? I had excellent teachers and I always respected

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