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Unit 12 - Evaluation for the Brochure The aim of the brochure was to inform the tourists about the best places to visit Newcastle upon Tyne. I included information about Nightlife, Shopping, Entertainment and Food, which I included with useful information. I am not allowed to use the font style Arial and Times & New Roman. Also, the other decisions, which were made will be specified whilst I am discussing the pages. After the initial client meeting and subsequent meetings for designs I began work on the CRC of the document. I will evaluate the layout and content of my brochure against the client brief and the questionnaire, which I gave the client to answer. The page layout for each page is A4. At first I divided the pages into three section, this made it more appealing and stand out. This is through including images, information and designing the page. The purpose of this is because I wanted to ensure the information and the sizes of the images fills the page. This is because I wanted to make it more different and appealing, which is significant. The information is placed in a rectangular or square box and it fits the whole A4 page. The purpose of this was to make it stand out, which would encourage the reader 's to carry on reading the brochure. The point size of the texts varies this depends if it is the subheading, heading or body text and this is to make some information stand out more than others. For instance, make the heading stand out so the reader 's are aware
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