Sample Letter For Wayne County Economic Development Corporation

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Throughout my time interning for Wayne County Economic Development Corporation I spent many of my opening hours in a office doing research, analyzing data, writing memos, creating the entire system of how the corporation organizes and shares information, along with sitting in on meetings ranging from development of parcels to legal matters. From the beginning my supervisor continuously stated that this is a learning process and that he had hired all three interns to instill and familiarize us to what world is like outside of school classrooms and the library. After a few weeks on getting to individually know each intern I was selected for a special work load that only I would be sanctioned to work on to see my potential, as I was informed.…show more content…
Before I was a junior at Michigan State University with only one prior internship at working as a legislative intern to working in the heart of Detroit underneath the some of the most influential people in the state of Michigan and a job that I solely there to help Michigan flourish back to what it used to be in the early 50’s. My internship entailed a lot of out three students two of which from MSU and the other from Wayne State. Its was a regular eight o’clock to four o’clock job, driving to work itself was an everyday objective from my established residency in Northern Oakland County roughly 40 miles each way. The three of us maintained our own quarters on the 28th floor of the Guardian Building in the financial district of Detroit where we could provide help to each other and work together to draft memos for the Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan and CEO Warren C. Evans, business proposals for foreign counties to invest in Detroit and Wayne County, and creating a cloud based systems that each employee can import and export data from their current assignment with ease. Individually I was given the opportunity to set up and meet with all 43 communities within the borders of the county. Where the Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and myself would ask questions that focused primarily on business retention and future devolvement. Interviewing and traveling to each city on a daily basis turned out to be the easiest part of the process. Communication was the most
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