Sample Marketing Plan on V Energy Drink

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Business Course-Level 7B 13 MARKETING PLAN ON V ENERGY DRINK Assignment in Relationship Marketing EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Early next year, Frucor will introduce the number one energy drink in Australia which is the V energy Drink into New Zealand market. It is something particularly different in the cold drink market, with a distinct green bottle and can. It will serve as a contrast against other caffeinated cold drinks that are on the market. The main ingredient of the product is the ‘guarana’, which is very popular worldwide for having a stimulating effect on mind and body. The company will be facing intense competition. The V energy drink will be competing against strong energy drinks competitors such as Red bull, Mother,…show more content…
V will be having a lot of strong competitors such as Red bull, Mother, Lift-plus, and Demon Energy drinks. One of the stongest is the Redbull which already exists for a long time and it’s the most popular energy drink in the whole world. Competition is becoming more intense in energy drink industry. Self-branded or home-branded drinks can push the v energy drinks out of the shelf in supermarkets especially that they have the ability to pass savings to their customers. SWOT ANALYSIS | STRENGTHS | The products comes with different variety and different packagingGuarana as the familiar main ingredientPromotion effortsContents are transparent on the product’s labellingFashionable and trendy packagingContains lesser amount of sugarContains lesser amount of caffeine | WEAKNESSES | PricingLack of product distribution in the marketBrand exposure in other countriesWeak presence of product in the market areaLimit of 2 cans per 250mL intake daily | OPPORTUNITIES | Expanding target marketsIncrease market share

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