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Sample Persuasive Message COMM/470 Sample Persuasive Message The Internet has created many choices for consumers to shop within the privacy of their own home. The world of e-tailing has many competitors, striving to make a sale each and every time a consumer visits their website. In order to persuade the consumer to purchase a product, a business must effectively communicate the message about their product to the consumer. The primary purpose of a persuasive message is to have the receiver read or listen to the entire message and then take the “requested” action at the end of the message. E-tailers must be able to duplicate over the internet the same “shopping” experience a consumer would have if the interaction were…show more content…
For consumers, the Web can provide access to a wide range of products and services with low cost, extensive and tailored information, at-home convenience for product comparisons, and enhanced interactivity between the buyer and seller (Archer, 2002). The consumer begins the decision-making process from the moment they “enter” the e-tailer’s “showroom”. Easily accessible product choices and information will assist the consumer in making a decision to purchase. Advertisements that are entertaining to the consumer’s eyes and ears will help to keep the consumer focused on the product gearing them toward a conscious purchase. The buying process initiates the seller-customer relationship. Selling online is not only about attracting attention; it's also minimizing whatever blocks the consumer might encounter, and a major obstacle is lack of their product while keeping the information and choices simple. Too much information piled with too many choices will overload the consumer and more than likely steer them away from you site creating a lost sale. In any retail environment, a positive customer service experience produces customer loyalty and repeats purchases. E-tailers are finding that getting paying customers to come back again and again through strong customer service is as important to their growth as it is in the world of shopping malls and downtowns everywhere (Lacey, 2005). Calling all ladies! Calling all ladies! Come

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