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I am writing to apply for the above-mentioned position, as advertised on the University website. I am currently a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at Macquarie University, Sydney, and have completed a PhD thesis, which is going through the submission and review process at the moment. I am looking forward to receiving my PhD award at the beginning of 2018. I am extremely interested in obtaining a position at the University of Sydney, as I believe my background in teaching French language and European cultural values, translating and editing non-fiction, experience in interdisciplinary and intercultural research on the relationship between France and New Caledonia, my passion for French linguistics, and my enthusiasm for teamwork make me…show more content…
A keen interest in linguistics led me to study Hallidayan and Argumentation theory, which I combined into a pragma-functional approach to Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) by integrating Systemic Functional Linguistics, Pragma-dialectics, postcolonial and poststructuralist theory into an innovative, interdisciplinary mixed methods framework for the analysis of plurilogical (French) discourse. As such, my research ties in with the University of Sydney’s broader research field of Language, Communication and Culture and, more specifically, the areas of critical race studies, postcolonial and social theory, international relations and linguistics. In my most recent research project, I focused on the French and Kanak constructions of national identity, manifestations of power in the interaction between the main stakeholders in the negotiation process that surrounds the independence issue, the use of rhetorical strategies, potentially fallacious reasoning, ideological incongruencies and the presence of covert racism in the form of significant discrepancies in social and economic development between the two extremes of New Caledonia’s population. I believe a focus on the Pacific to be highly relevant within an Australian context. Nevertheless, my pragma-functional approach can be applied to any type of conflict situation or

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