Sample Personal Statement for Consideration of Law School Admission

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My decision to acquire a Juris Doctor, albeit a decision made later in life, was one I came to quite easily. Although I’ve always had an interest in law since the latter years of undergraduate school, the impetus to seek the degree was brought on by a tragic event much later, which forced me to look deep within myself and see life through a different lens. On June 2, 2011, I received a telephone call from my mother. I learned that my only sibling, a brother two years my junior, had committed suicide that afternoon. He and I were raised in a wealthy household with adequate discipline, until I was fourteen years old. In that year, as I was just entering manhood, my mother divorced my father, and this set forth a series of…show more content…
There is opportunity to help others right wrongs, to help them in their own self-preservation, and to help their voices be heard. This applies not only to an individual client, but it can be carried forth to help the masses. Law truly is a vast landscape to be explored and used, not only to benefit just one person, but society itself. As former United States Attorney General Edward Levi once said, “Law builds upon and, I should like to claim, is one of the liberal arts. It uses words of persuasion and changing definitions for practical ends.” In addition to my passion for learning law, I am also a naturally good and formidable debater. I love to argue my case, and when I succeed in the exchange, especially when the other person’s opinion is transformed, I quietly relish the victory. There is no bigger thrill for me. Although I am an average scorer at best regarding standardized tests, to see me shine is to see me in a real-world situation where brains, data, and strategic application of that knowledge are paramount for triumph. This is what I truly excel at. I have had much practice in changing people’s minds – it’s an essential component in sales. Outside the professional world, I enjoy arguing politics and other topics with people. Persuasion, it seems, is what I was born to do. I just wish I would have realized it earlier, but I’m grateful there was a silver lining to that very dark cloud
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