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Sample Persuasive Message Your Name COMM 470 Instructore March 29, 2012 Sample Persuasive Message Most people have ventured onto the world wide web. Some enter the online world to check email from family members far away. Other people enjoy the web to watch videos on YouTube of babies doing the weirdest thing. Some log online for social media websites that let them know what their friends, family and celebrities are doing that day. Most people who have ventured online have shopped on electronic retail sites like Amazon or Overstock. Electronic retailing has become a big part of who we are today. There are many sites that allow you to shop for everyday items, groceries, or furniture like Amazon, Overstock, Alice, or…show more content…
Yahoo, Google, Bing) to advertise the product. When using sponsorship websites e-tailers are driving sales by driving customers toward that specific camera. As e-tailers advertise the camera they are using the communication process. The customer – or the sender – initiates the start of the communication process as he or she searches online for right camera. The customer finds an ad online (message) that matches their WINs (Wants, Interests, and Needs) of the product. The advertisement helps to “comprises the target audience of a message transmitted by the sender” (p. 10) which according to Roebuck (2006) stands as the receiver in the communication process. The advertisement links the customer with the e-tailer which allows the e-tailer to provider further information and reviews for the camera. Purchasing product or service Once you find the right camera you go into the purchasing behavior. Turban et al. (2008) states “the two most-cited reasons for not making purchases are shipping charges (51 percent) and the difficulty in judging the quality of the product (44 percent) (p. 159). If the customer finds the perfect camera and it is available at for $299 with a $19.95 shipping charge and for $307 with free shipping the customer would most times go through because of the cost savings. Quality of a product is important. E-tailers who offer a “chat now” option that allows customers to ask experts
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