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CCC Sample Project CCC New Platform Programme Quality PlanRegatta Quality Plan Owner: Ciaran Whyte Author: Ciaran Whyte Date of issue: 19/06/03 Version: 01.0 Date created: 19/06/03 0. DOCUMENT CONTROL 0.1. Change History Version Date Description of Changes 00.1 28/02/03 Initial version 00.2 22/05/03 Re-issued in line with 01.0 19/06/03 Final version updated 0.2. Changes Forecast Quality Plan to be revised prior to the start of each Project Phase. Next planned update will be with Phase 2 deliverables (Micro Design, Build and Unit Test) on 11th July 2003. 0.3. Distribution Name Organisation/Role Author(s) Ciaran Whyte Reviewers Approvers:…show more content…
3. Quality assurance checkpoints Checkpoint Defect Prevention Technique Participants (owner is underlined) Quality Record Produced End of Project Startup Review that all startup activities completed ano Meeting minutes and formal record of baseline levels CCB Reviews of project plans (end of each phase) Review by Change Control Board of project effort spent and estimates to complete CCB members ano CCB minutes Immediately prior to release of an external deliverable External Deliverable Acceptance Review Programme Office C Whyte Deliverable Owner Deliverables Acceptance Record BLR Reviews of design material (Solution Outline & Macro Design) Solution Review (technical review) ano C Whyte Other SE architects as required to conduct review Project Team members as required BLR minutes External reviews of Solution Outline and Macro Design documentation Review by external party C Whyte ano external reviewers Project Team members as required Meeting minutes Findings of

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