Sample Psychological Test

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Psychological Evaluation Confidential Name: Jericho Rosales Birthdate: October 16, 1980 Age: Gender: Male Education: College Graduate Report Writer: Date of report: November 5, 2012 Instruments Administered: Clinical interview Reason For Referral Mr Jericho Rosales is currently in the process of annulment of his marriage to Ms Kristine Hermosa-Rosales. Respondent Jericho is claimed by other party to be suffering from Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder with underlying Narcissistic Traits. Mr Rosales is claimed to be incapable of being a good husband due to his psychological incapacity.It was investigated but never proven." No history of health problems was reported. No medications are currently…show more content…
No histories of auditory or visual hallucinations were reported. Mr Rosales denied having any specific phobias, obsessions, or compulsions. He denied having feelings that others can read his mind or that she can broadcast his thoughts to others. His attention and concentration were appropriate and his immediate, recent, and remote memory seemed intact. He denied having problems concentrating. He demonstrated limited insight into his problems and his judgment seemed adequate. Mr Rosales appears to be functioning in the range of abilities. Overall, he did not present as having a thought disorder nor did he present as being a danger to himself or others. Behavior Observations Mr Rosales approached the testing session in a cooperative and friendly manner. Neither disruptiveness nor difficulty in cooperation and compliance were noted during the evaluation. His appearance and grooming were adequate and appropriate. He had a deliberate style of answering and working on most problems. Attention and effort were appropriate. Most work was completed with an orderly plan and self-correction. Responses were usually made in a reflective, thoughtful manner. Signs of impulsivity or carelessness were not observed. His activity level was observed to be within normal limits for age range. Fidgeting or difficulties remaining seated were not noted. Instructions were followed carefully and understood without apparent
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