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Company: Macy's Inc. Interviewed: Mark Sipnosky- (VP of store management in the South Florida/Miami market area) Medium Used: Questionnaire Sample Questionnaire: Does Macy's treat management and leadership as one in the same? YES or NO Does Macy's rely heavily on employee training and development? YES or NO Does Macy's use employee feedback at the lowest levels in its overall corporate decision making process? YES or NO Is management and leadership treated in the same manner in the company in regards to cultivation? YES or NO Do you believe all employees are aware of Macy's goals and objectives and are willing to work towards the achievement of those goals? YES or NO Does Macy's use a centrailized structure in regards to decision making? YES or NO If No to the above question, does Macy's use a decentralized structure? YES or NO In your opinion is the organization structured in a way that inhibits innovation? YES or NO Summary of Results From the result of the questionnaire, Macy's is a company that has the flexibility to be local in its operations but also possesses the financial acumen to compete globally. This is apparent within its organizational structure that centers on a bureaucracy with limited layers of management. This structure allows the business to flourish in the highly competitive retail environment by being more efficient than its competitors. By processing decisions faster with a flatter organizational structure, Macy's Inc. can bring

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