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SAMPLE Reflective Writing Assignments: COURSE: Going Local: Service-Learning to Link Entrepreneurship, Policy and Science (ASCI 297 and CDAE/NFS/PPS 195/295) INSTRUCTOR: Richard Schramm Written assignments are of two types: Reflections and Project Reports. Reflections: An essential element for student learning in service-learning courses is written and oral reflections on the field study experience, as well as on other elements of the course. To have an experience isn’t enough to ensure learning; you need to intentionally and thoughtfully reflect upon the experience and what you learned from it to ensure that learning occurs. As T.S. Eliot once wrote (The Four Quartets, New York: Harcourt Brace, 1943, p. 24), you can “have the…show more content…
Your goal is not to summarize the readings. Rather, you should analyze and reflect critically upon a couple significant issues raised in the readings. To reiterate, ideally you will critically reflect upon these readings by linking them with other material we have covered in our course (readings/discussion), community field work you have done, and other aspects of your experience and knowledge (e.g. personal history, issues observed in media, other courses…etc.). We will discuss and practice “reflection” activities in class at the beginning of the semester to help you feel more comfortable and prepared to complete these reflection papers. Intro to the Nonprofit Field (Carrie Williams Howe) Final Reflection Assignment: WHAT? What have you learned through this course? What stands out to you, feels new to you, excites you, or challenges you? SO WHAT? Why does this learning matter? Why does it stand out to you? Why is it important - to you personally or in the bigger picture? NOW WHAT? What do you do from here? How will you take this learning with you? Does this learning change your perspective, your career goals, or your interests? Your reflection should be 3-5 pages long and should dig deeply into this experience to reflect on your learning. It should connect to academic concepts and critically examine your own development through this learning. You
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