Sample Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

May 3, 2012

Theo 104

by Natasha S Morris


This course has taught me what it really means to be a Christian. I must admit I was not born into a Christian home, as I got older I started to learn about God and Jesus Christ. My mother did teach me right from wrong but going to church and learning of God was not a priority in my home. Taking this course has taught me that being a Christian is more than just being a kind person. In this reflection paper I will discuss Did Jesus claim to be God?, If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?, What can your local church do to better communicate God’s love to your community? I will
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To know that when you die and will be judged is enough to also keep you on the right path if you are a strong Christian. Throughout my life I have always felt like something is missing in my life, I was never born into a Christian household, I wasn’t brought up to go to church every Sunday. My family weekends consisted of family gatherings with alcohol, card playing and music. I never learned about God until I was around 13 years old.
I always felt it was a higher power and someone that planned our destiny. Just never learned or knew much about him. Now that I am 32 years old I find myself asking and praying for God to come into my life and save me. I know that I have not lived my life according to his plans and I do want to be able to make it into his kingdom. As a young Christian woman I am tempted everyday to stir away from the things that I pray and ask for. Forgiveness, to be saved, to have eternal life with God. God hears my prayers, as a Christian I try to live right. This brings me to that in order to claim to be a Christian it does matter how you live your life, it will all be reflected back in your after life.

What can your local church do to better

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