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SAMPLE REPORT: The ‘Stylish’ Report
i) ii) Look at the assignment instructions below Now read the sample report. Read the accompanying comments on the side as you go.

iii) Is this is a well-written report in your view? Could it be improved in any way do you think?

ASSIGNMENT 2: The Stylish Report Background Colin Coif and Pamela Perm are the owners and operators of a hairdressing business Stylish specialising in ‘high end’ quality hairdressing services. Currently they operate two salons in inner Melbourne, one in Carlton and the other in South Melbourne. As a way of expanding their business, the owners are considering opening a new salon in the Prahran area. Your task Prepare a business report for the owners investigating: i) ii)
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Hint: It is best to limit your NUMBERING to three levels – beyond this, it can be difficult for the reader to grasp the structure. i.e. DON’T use


1. Introduction
Stylish is a hairdressing business that currently owns and operates two hairdressing salons in inner Melbourne: Carlton and South Melbourne. The owners of the business (hereon the client) are interested in expanding their operations, and have identified the Prahran area as a possible location for the establishing of a third salon. The purpose of this report is to provide preliminary information to the client about: i) the overall viability of establishing a salon in the Prahran area; and ii) key management and marketing issues that need to be considered in ensuring the success and profitability of any proposed new outlet. Note that the study considers the viability of the business in broad management and marketing terms only; it does not provide a comprehensive financial analysis of the proposed expansion. In the investigation of these issues, two analytical concepts were used, namely Mega Environment and Task Environment. The Mega Environment is concerned with the external environment in which a business operates; the Task Environment considers conditions that a business faces in its immediate environment (Bartol, Tein, Mathews, Sharma & Scott-Ladd 2008). Data for the study came from a range of sources related to both these environments including: industry research reports,
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