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Firstly, the objectives of the experiment are to observe the characteristics of the flow and to compute the Reynold’s number. Using the Solteq Osbourne Reynold’s Demonstration (model FM 11) in this experiment, with different of water volume flowrate, the characteristics of the flow could be determined. The rock inside the stilling tank are to calm the inflow water so that there will not be any turbulence interfere with the experiment. The water inlet and outlet valve and dye injector utilized to generate the required flow. A dye injection system is installed on top of the header tank so that the pattern of the flow can be visualized. The characteristic of the flow is observed, there are laminar, transition and turbulent flow.
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Turbulent occur when Reynold number is above 4000. The viscosity of the fluid also determines the characteristic of the flow becoming laminar or turbulent. Fluid with lower viscosity is easier to achieve a turbulent flow condition. The viscosity of fluid is also dependent on the temperature. Laminar Flow: Laminar flow denoted a steady flow condition, where all streamlines flow parallel paths, there being no interaction(mixing) between shear planes. Under this condition, the dye observed as a solid, straight and easily identifiable component of flow. (Arif, 2010) Transition Flow: Transition flow is a mixing of laminar and turbulent flow with turbulent in the center of the pipe, and laminar flow near the edge. each of this flows behaves in different manners in terms of their fractional energy loss while flowing, and have different equations that predict their behavior. (Arif, 2010) Turbulent Flow: Turbulent flow denoted as unsteady flow condition where streamlines interact causing shear plane collapse and mixing of the fluid. In this condition, the dye observed will become disperse in the water and mix with the water. The observed dye will not be identifiable at this point. (Arif, 2010)

1.4 DESCRIPTION OF APPARATUS The Osborne Reynold’s Demonstration is one of the equipment that use for student to study or observe the flow condition. It contains a several parts; dye reservoir, dye

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