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This proposal’s purpose is to gain approval to write a recommendation report on improving the locker program at the PCC Southeast campus. We will send this report to Josh Peters-McBride, who is the Director of the Student Life and Leadership Programs at Southeast.

Explanation of Research

We started our research by locating the lockers on campus. We discovered that there are forty small lockers in the library. They are checked out for up to four hours a day through the library. We then took the following steps to collect data for a research paper for improving the locker program on the Southeast Portland Community College campus.

• We interviewed Nicole Seery, the Assistant Coordinator for the Student Life and Leadership
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Description of Report

Our team is writing an eight-page recommendation report on improving the current locker program at the Southeast campus. The outline of the report is detailed below by each section.

Title page: listing the title, “Recommendation to Expand the Southeast Campus Locker Program” and Josh Peters-McBride as the person we will send it to. It will also show Erick Gonzalez-Mejia, Juliana -Gonzalez-Mejia, Jonathan Heinz and Christi Justice as the report authors and the date the report was completed.

Table of Contents: this will show where to find the Introduction, Opportunity, Research Process and Analysis, Recommendation, Resources, and Appendix inside the report. It will also include page numbers for a picture of the current lockers at Southeast, a bar graph showing the level of interest in lockers and another that shows the length of time students predict they would use a locker per term.

Introduction: a brief explanation that the report is recommending improvements to the Locker Program that is currently in place at the Southeast campus.

Opportunity: this will be one page and explain what the current locker program is at the Southeast campus and at the two campuses that have “official” locker programs.

Research: two pages that will detail how we did our research. This will have an
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