Sample Resume : ' 5 Conversation Starters That Won 't Kill A Conversation '

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5 Conversation Starters That Won’t Kill a Conversation

Sure, we 'd all love to have that spontaneous Eat Pray Love moment traveling alone around Italy and meeting beautiful men who drive us around on Vespas - not to say it couldn’t happen - but if you 're more like us when we travel alone, you 'll probably end up sitting on the street corner eating from a box of cheap Chinese takeout pretending to text friends from back home…when you don 't even have WiFi. Traveling alone doesn’t mean you need to be a loner.

Let’s face it; making friends before meeting face-to-face is not easy. Throw in the struggle of a foreign language barrier, and you’re probably the farthest thing away from being a social butterfly. It’s time like these that make you wish you had kept in touch with your elementary school pen pal from France.

But you didn’t. So now what?
We’ve been asked to review the HelloTalk app, and we found that it’s the perfect place to find people who will help you sound less like an awkward 9th grade French student and more like a true Parisian bobo sipping espresso streetside and looking oh-so classe. If only we sounded (and looked) that good when French came floating off of our lips.

Within two minutes of downloading the free app, we received at least five requests from 20-something locals of our chosen languages asking to be language partners. They wanted to be language partners with us maybe just because we speak English, or possibly because they saw how many errors…

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