Sample Resume : A Program

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Username/IGN: Runk

Previous IGNS (Link namemc profile):

Timezone: BST/GMT +1

Server you are applying for [hcf or white - silver]: HCF.

Approximately, how long have you been playing FMC: I started on SOTW for map 4. The reason I 'm applying now, is because in a promotional video by KillaMC, I heard him say that staff applications are open, and they are accepting helpers.

Do you have previous experience with a staff position / it 's permissions: Yes. I 've been staff on many semi-big servers. Here are some.

I was staff on The Archon once. If you don’t know The Archon as a player base of 1500+ all time. The Archon is mostly a Faction server. When Helper I was giving the permissions of /kick, /tempban and mute, there were some more commands but I cannot remember them as this was over a month ago. In my opinion I thought Helpers shouldn’t of had /tempban straight away but I wasn’t going to complain. When Helper on The Archon you get lots of reports coming thought from console telling us who should be tempbanned. Our job was to tempban the players when we got a notification from console. In order to keep your Helper rank you had to get 5 tempbans per day, I personally got 15 tempbans per day and around 45 kicks a day. I sadly resigned because I didn’t think the staff were to kind and I felt like Archon was getting boring.

I was also staff on this server named RetroPvP. I was a Moderator on there. First time I applied for RetroPvP I was
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