Sample Resume : ' A T I ' T '

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¨Irigatiate. I-R-I-G-A-T-I-A-T-E, irigatiate.¨ Tense, I squeeze my arm because I had said the last few letters with hesitation. I peer at the substitute for the day, Mrs. Posner, awaiting her response. And with that single word, I had won the homeroom spelling bee and to go on to the school spelling bee. I couldn 't believe I had won. When Mrs. Posner answered that I had spelled the word correctly, I could barely react, yet also I could barely contain my excitement. I had spent the last five years trying to win a homeroom spelling bee because I didn 't want to come home to my parents and tell them once again, I had lost. But this time it would be the complete opposite of the past five years. Things would change. After politely…show more content…
I might, accidently, spell simple words wrong. Suddenly, it felt like the cloud I was on had dropped straight into hard cement. “Yeah?,” I nervously respond to my friend. I leave the classroom stressed, realizing this was my nightmare. I walked out of class to see my very best friend come out her classroom at the same time. I run across the hall , rapidly, to her and exclaim, “ I won the spelling bee!” Of course she 's excited for me and so is my other best friend when I tell her. It is now their turn to go to the spelling bee to see who is their classroom representative. Their representative wasn 't who I was expecting. After a last agonizing class, I trudge to my locker. But not before I see my best friend come out of her class. “Who won?”, I asked. Wailing, “ It’s a tie between me and another boy!” Knowing how my friend detests anything with speaking in public, I feel horrified for her and comfort her. I don 't know what to think only that this might turn into an interesting turn of events. Another mentally exhausting school day passes, again I ask who won the 7A homeroom spelling bee. “I won.” My best friend says these words bleakly knowing this was not what she was hoping for. I am not devastated nor shocked when I hear this, but feel nothing. I was going against my best friend in the school spelling bee. The day had come. Hours of studying had prepared me for this day to supposedly win, but I didn 't want to get my hopes up. It
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