Sample Resume : Administering The Pre Test And Post Test

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Assessment for IPPRs Sherry Vaughn Educ 530 Liberty University July 5, 2016 Describe your experience in administering the pre-test and post-test to the student(s) during both IPPR lessons. My experiences with administering the pre-test and post-test were very different in each Lesson. During pre-test one, I had assumed that all of the students could pass a simple fractions quiz, but I assumed incorrectly. Many of the students did not pass the quiz, and I had to go back and readjust my use of fractions. The pre-test also showed their teacher that she needed to step back and teach the very basic fraction concepts when the new school year starts. I also found that many students just hurried through the quiz so that they could play with the recorders, which could be the reason why so many did poorly on the pre-test. During the lesson, I focused more on the basics of fractions before I let them play the recorders, and I found that many of them responded positively when called on to answer a question. My experience in administering post-test 1 was a bit better but not much. The students were still hyped from getting to play music during math class that they had a hard time calming down enough to do their best on the test. My experience in administering pre-test 2 were very different from the first one because I did not tell them what we were going to do during the lesson, instead I ask them to set quietly in their desk as I passed out the pre-test, once every

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