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AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SUBMITTED TO:- SUBMITTED BY:- Mr. Nilesh Kr. Dokania Shubham Kumar A12405413027 B.Tech (MAE) INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE I C ENGINE is an engine, where the combustion of fuel ( in general fossil fuel ) occurs with an oxidizer ( usually air) in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the working fluid flow circuit. In an I C ENGINE, the expansion of the high pressure and high pressure gases produced by combustion apply direct force to some component of engine. I C ENGINES include spark ignition(SI) engines using petrol as a fossil fuel, and compression ignition (CI) engines ( usually referred to as disesel engines) using fuel oil, etc as a fuel. PROCESSES ( in sequence ) in these engines: # compression # combustion # expansion # induction / exhaust Two basic mechanical disigns to achieve these four processes in either: FOUR STROKES of the piston- hence the four stroke engine, or TWO STROKES of the piston – hence the two stroke engine. THE MAIN TYPES OF IC ENGINE ARE: F NORMALLY VARIES WITH CYLINDER VOLUME: Thus the fundamental output of a reciprocating internal combustion engine can be considered to be torque – it is theoretically produced even when engine speed ( RPM ) is zero. THE TORQUE FLUCTUATIONS ARE SMOOTHED OUT BY:- Multi-cylinder arrangement The use of a flywheel So that
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