Sample Resume : Application For Printing And Photocopying Services

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Introduction I manage my entrepreneurial firm whereby we offer printing and photocopying services. I work with five other members of the staff. There was a day one of our of highly esteemed customers brought us a lot of papers to be printed urgently but this found if there were still heaps of papers to be printed but they were not due. I told my employees to clear the job very quickly without specifying that they start with the most urgent ones. They ended up clearing the first log then did not clear the most urgent work in time leading to a disappointment on both the client and myself. I did not practice managerial skills such as Creative Problem Solving Skills and Communication Skills.
Reflective observation
I did not tell my employees
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Lastly, I lost my reputation as one of the best manager to my employees (Reed, 2013).
The problem of poor delegation of work load is discussed in the business journals and editorials that concentrate on the business management skills as one of the most experience that inexperienced managers are likely to face within the course of their duty. I also came across this managerial problem during my study on management skills.
Since I realized the basis of my experience, I have embarked into the practice of managerial skills such as communication skills and problem solving skills hence providing my employees with the relevant communication and suggesting for them the best ways of solving the perfectly within the shortest time possible. Following my experience, I started by allocating the required work load to my employees.
I have the developed sessions of brainstorming and discussion amongst all members of my organization whenever there is a new arrival of work load. This has made my duty as a manager to be such a easy task because my employees participate in each and every decision I make. Through the process of interaction I have been able to develop good communication skills. We have been able to avoid inconveniencing our clients. I have also developed problems solving skills which make me one of the successful managers I have known (Bob &
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