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Best Cabinet Table Saws in 2016
Cabinet saws are the sturdier, heavy, more precise type of table saws. Their cast iron frames provide the weight for the stability needed for precise cuts. They are excellent choices for working on large projects as they can rip through large items such as sheet stock and plywood. Cabinet table saws are standard in professional woodworking shops. They are constructed through a mix of steel and cast iron that is needed to support the larger motors that they need to produce a high amount of revolutions per minute. This added weight allows the cabinet table saws to be more stable and less noisy, an attractive feature for many professionals. In addition, a typical cabinet table saw houses its motor within an
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1. SawStop PCS31230
• Description: One of the biggest selling points for the SawStop PCS31230 is its capability to collect 99% of the dust accumulated while operating the saw. The saw has a unique blade guard that helps to gather fine dust particles that are left on the work station. The dust is delivered to a 4 inch collection port. The SawStop is equipped with a riving knife, a feature that helps to minimize the occurrence of kickback and helps provide protection during non through cutting. A left tilting blade provides assistance in preventing the wood from binding to or against the fence. The SawStop PCS31230 Professional Cabinet Saw needs the standard 220 volt power source to operate. This feature is perfect for hobbyists.
• Price: The standard marketing price for this cabinet saw is $3,150
• Pros:
• SawStop strives on safety. Each SawStop saw comes equipped with a sensor that indicates when a person’s body parts come into contact with the saw. Once this sensor is triggered, the blade immediately stops operation. This safety feature turns what would have been a potential amputation into a small cut.
• The PCS31230 comes equipped with a 3 horsepower motor with a fully enclosed cabinet base.
• Cons:
• This table saw weighs close to 500 pounds. This weight increases difficulty in moving the saw.
2. Delta 10 Inch Unisaw
• Description: The Delta saw is equipped with a bevel dial that operates to finely turn
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