Sample Resume : Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

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Memorandum To: Alexis Fairchild, Mediator From: Marshall Peterson Date: 7/26/2015 Re: Breach of Contract Lawsuit Information: This mediation memorandum will discuss the different breaches of contract made by the Muscadine grape producer, with whom I entered into a requirements contract to supply their grapes for my business with a guaranteed price schedule. The fact of the case will be outlined, explanation as to how the contract has been breached, examination of the legal issues of these breaches of contract, requested potential remedies, and conditions under which a settlement could be reached. Facts of the Case About six months ago, my wife and I met the grape producer in the Sunday school class he taught. We learned that he and his family own a produce company that sells Muscadine grapes and I own a local health food products business. I was asked to promote the grapes and the different products that use the Muscadine seeds in my store, because of the high antioxidant qualities of the grapes. He gave me some samples and my customers loved them, so I began placing phone orders with the grape producer. As these Muscadine grapes became more popular, I increased my orders and continued to invest in the advertising of the grapes in order to gain more business. The produce company always delivered my requests on time, at fair and regular prices, as well as delivering an invoice for payment within 30 days. Sometimes I was late in making payment for the grapes,

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