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After working for 2 years as an App. Software developer Sr.Associate consultant at NTTDATA, one of the top 50 global fortune 500 companies, I want to return to academic study and undertake graduate studies in Management Information Systems at ________University. Although my academic parameters indicate brilliance, it is only one of the benchmarks of measuring my deemed success at _________ University. With the use of business information resources, the information revolution is here - It creates a competitive advantage by providing companies with new ways to outperform their competitors.
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My curriculum enhanced my knowledge in subjects like Programming in C and Data structures, Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis, Control Systems, Management Science, Soft Computing Techniques that helped me gain fair amount of theoretical knowledge in the areas of my interest. It was during this period my trainer and lecturer Mrs. Swarna Kumari instilled in me a strong penchant for information management and computer programming.
I came from a modest rural background and my intermitted visits to my village when I was doing well on the career front inspired many others of my age and opened up before village community the virtue of education. I was more focused and determined to do something useful for rural areas, where investment costs are less. So, during my final year of under graduation, I presented my project on ‘Simulation of Five Phase Inverter Fed Induction motor’. My project involved MATLAB and Simulink where coding needs to be done to set particular pattern of voltages and has a relevance to the fields of machines and networks. With the help of my project guide Mr. Suri Babu, Associate professor and my fellow student team members, the project was successful. The project was a unique learning experience and it enlightened the qualities in me that are to be improved for a successful career.
Apart from my academic project, when I was in my final semester,I with my fellow team
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