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After working for 2 years as an App. Software developer Sr.Associate consultant at NTTDATA, one of the top 50 global fortune 500 companies, I want to return to academic study and undertake graduate studies in Management Information Systems at ________University. Although my academic parameters indicate brilliance, it is only one of the benchmarks of measuring my deemed success at _________ University. With the use of business information resources, the information revolution is here - It creates a competitive advantage by providing companies with new ways to outperform their competitors. Knowledge is power and business information companies provide that. The process of involving in the consolidation, analysis and communication of business information to assist the business decision makings captivates me. Globalization is one of the toughest challenges faced by the business today. The problems to be solved is to better understand international markets and culture through better information gathering and better analysis of what it all means. I aspire, therefore to pursue Masters in MIS at your esteemed university.
Throughout my academic career I was achievement driven and competent. I always tried to achieve excellence in schooling as well as in my under graduation. After joining into Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and…

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