Sample Resume : Business Law

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SafeAssign Logo Print report Help CML101_SEM2_2014 - S214 CML101 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW Assessment Item 2 - Research Essay MUHAMMAD WASEEM HANIF on Fri, Sep 19 2014, 6:17 PM 100% match Submission ID: 57493523 CML101-S255443-Research Essay.docx Word Count: 1,415 Attachment ID: 77937687 100% Citations (1/1) 1Another student 's paper 1 Assignment Cover Sheet Student Name: Student Number: 1 School of Law and Business Charles Darwin University Casuarina NT 0909 Phone: 1 (08) 8946 6830 Muhammad Waseem Hanif s255443 Unit Name: Unit Code: Intro. 1 to Business Law CML101 Lecturers Name: 1 Ms Georgia McMaster Assessment Title Research Essay Semester: Year: 1 Assignment (select assignment number) 2 2014 Due Date (dd/mm/yyyy): Lodgement Date (dd/mm/yyyy): Applied for Extension: (dd/mm/yyyy) 19 Sep, 2014 19 Sep, 2014 N/A NO YES – to Lodgement Locations: 1 (refer to specific lodgement requirements as set out by the lecturer) DO NOT LODGE BY FAX nor EMAIL nor at LECTURER’S OFFICE The assignment must be lodged online via the Learnline Assignment Lodgement link on the Learnline site for this unit. Ensure your file is named using a file naming convention that allows the lecturer to identify to whom it belongs. Failure to use an acceptable file naming convention may result in your assignment lodgement being rejected. Refer to the endnotes of the assignment details for lodgement options if the Learnline Assignment Lodgement link for this unit is unavailable. KEEP A COPY Ensure you
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