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Student name: Ruhaan Kanpurwala

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Lecturer/Tutor: Dr. Ragbir Bhathal

Title of assignment: Assignment 1: Essay


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Campus enrolment: UWS Kingswood

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A code of professional ethics is a vital quality all engineers and professionals should possess.

“A professional code of ethics should demonstrate integrity, practise competently, exercise leadership and promote sustainability.” (Engineers Australia. 2010). The issues being addressed are the code of ethics that are fundamentally needed to run a morally acceptable project, the legal framework required to regulate decision making, agreements and laws and case studies to articulate the point of having a professional code of ethics and what happens when they are ignored.


Key components of good code of ethics.

Code of ethics should outline values, principles, personal responsibility, integrity, competency and sustainability.

Values: An engineer should always be honest and fair towards the objective and the company to provide a moral success in a project.

Principles: To further support the ethical values, principles are used to include operational credos, engineers should follow.

Integrity: Engineers guided by integrity have a higher set of core principles. It conveys a sense of strength and transparentness. This is where an Engineer is able to provide the full truth to give a clear professional judgement.

Personal Responsibility: Limitations and alternate options should be set to assess scope and practicality. Being irresponsible for an engineer can cause great impacts on the project, its workers and the community.

Competency: This is the knowledge
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