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Duffin Career Development Admittedly, I have never done a formal resume and this exercise was eye opening. The job search was humbling and interesting because of the competition and limited results in my search. I have to find out who I have become and who I want to portray on my perspective. After conducting the sample resume and pondering how I would modify my skill set for a global audience, I concluded there a several steps that I need to take moving forward. First I need to illustrate my accomplishments and experiences in a quantifiable format. Second, I need to prepare for the interview questions and not be surprised, as I was during the practice interview. Lastly, I need to have my resume reviewed by a colleague or someone that knows my abilities and accomplishments. Job Search Results My experience is in the software and technology industries. I enjoy working in the dynamic and exciting environment of startup companies. With that in mind, I searched on positions with the titles “chief” and “director”. One company caught my interest, called Aijulia. They are looking for a COO, however their minimum experience level as a CPA or COO is 10 years. My experiences as founder and CEO of several companies such as Taza Systems LLC do not fit their minimum requirements. With that in mind, I should include the financial strengths I poses after working with international banking clientele in my LinkedIn profile and resume. The experience includes managing the
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