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In addition to the above Ecobank streamline corporates’ collection procedures that will enable them to extract additional liquidity in working capital – from the point when an order is made up to cash realization.
I. Cash-In-Transit (CIT)
Ecobank offers CIT services to businesses and sales offices anywhere were there is a branch. Generally an arrangement will be made between the bank and the customer on the frequency of collections and in most cases CIT transactios are given fast value with same day value available in many locations for both cash and cheque deposit. In some cases an agency will be engaged to render this service on behalf of Ecobank with arrangements for funds remittance to your account.
II. Post – Dated Cheque Collection (PDC)
Ecobank handles a complete life cycle of Post – Dated Cheques until they are realized. PDC management activities include maintaining inventories, retrieval and depositing cheque for payment, re-presentation where possible and exception handling, such as stop payment requests, will be handled by the bank on behalf of its customers. Safety of PDC is guaranteed as well as real time account information update.
III. In Branch Collections
Ecobank branches serve as cash and cheque collection locations that enables corporate’s clients to make payment directly into their account with real time online transfer of information to your offices. Ecobank processes these collections efficiently to avoid any reconciliation issues. This service is…

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