Sample Resume : Certified Nursing Assistant Interview Essay

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Certified Nursing Assistant Interview When faced with having to find a job and then securing a job, the job interview has to be a home run! Simply submitting a professional resume and completing an application is not enough. You cannot settle for being average. You can wait for the next job opportunity, but there are no guarantees there will be one. In Piotrowski’s article, “Preparing for the Job Interview: Know Thyself,” she identifies the process of a job interview (Wyrick, 2014). The steps Piotrowski identified in her article are included below. The steps below focus on identifying job openings, researching companies, preparing for the interview: the pre-interview, the job interview, and the post-interview summary. First, I conducted research on the job I wanted to apply for. I have always wanted to help the elderly. Through this research, I identified two local nursing home companies that offered entry-level medical positions for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I identified the key job functions and education requirements for becoming a CNA. I contacted the Human Resources office and submitted applications. It was important for the Human Resources mangers to become familiar with who I am. I was going to achieve this by standing out from other applicants. I sent several copies of my resume to the Human Resources office. I made weekly trips to the company’s employment office. I wanted them to know I was genuinely interested in becoming an employee of their company.

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