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CNA Salary Guide | Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Facts The main duties of a Certified Nurse Assistant are to take of the patients under supervision of Registered Nurses and Doctors. Assisting patients with daily chores like dressing, feeding, and monitoring activity are the main responsibilities. With so much time spent with the patients, CNAs often develop close relationships with many people. As the baby-boomer population begins to age there is a growing need for health care professionals, especially CNAs. This position has an estimated growth of 21% until 2022, much higher than the average job growth. Because of this it’s a great time to begin a career in the medical field. If you enjoy taking care of people, or have always been interested in medicine, you should consider getting your CNA certification. It can lead you to many more opportunities and be a rewarding experience. What is the Average CNA Salary in the United States? If you are considering trying to get certified as a nurse assistant one of the most important questions will be, how much does a CNA make a year? In the United States the CNA average salary is $24,890 a year. Compared to the average national salary of $44,888 this may seem a little low. However, becoming a CNA is only meant to begin your career in the medical field and you will be able to build up your salary as your career progresses. Your salary will also increase with the amount of education you receive. Those with just the minimum

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