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Charmin Toilet Paper
Institution Charmin Toilet Paper
The introduction of the Charmin toilet paper in the market was done in the 1920’s where it was known to help people in their experiences in the bathrooms by making it more enjoyable. The toilet paper has penetrated into different markets making it one of the best-selling toilet papers. The company has had to use different strategies to ensure that they remain the number one toilet paper in the different markets that they operate in. Continuous re-engineering of the product is done to ensure that it meets the standards of the market and this has made it more convenient for the customers and the company returns also increase. The recognition of the needs of the market makes the product become every one’s choice and the constant research and development makes the company stay ahead of competition. Charmin toilet paper research and use of different marketing strategies makes the product popular increasing their sales.
The toilet paper was first manufactured in the 1920’s at the Hoberg Paper Company in Wisconsin where the design of the toilet paper reflected the fashions of the feminine touch today. The name of the toilet paper was from the description of an employee who named it as charming. The toilet paper used its softness touch to reach to their target and they introduced a package of four rolls in 1932. The company changed its name in the 1950’s to Charmin that created a niche,

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