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According to Chinese Restaurant News (2007), there are about 43,139 Chinese restaurants in the United States, which is more than the total number of all McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King domestic outlets combined ( Liu & Jang, 2009, p.338). Hunan cuisine is one of the most commonly-found regional cuisines in the U.S. According to the TripAdvisor, out of 96 restaurants in the city of Kearney, Hunan’s Chinese restaurant is ranked 37th. It is open every day from 11 am till 9:30 pm. It offers a daily lunch buffet, lunch specials as well as dinner specials.

Key definition for Service Experience
Before going over the issues of the service performance, it is very crucial to know the components of service experience which are categorized into four components: the service workers, the service setting, the service customers and the service process. The service workers include those who interact with the customer (such as waiters or bank tellers) and those who contribute to the service delivery out of the customer’s sight (such as chefs or bank accountants). The service setting includes physical environment in which the service occurs. The service customers are the ones that are receiving the service. Last of all is the service process, which is the sequence of activities necessary to deliver the service (Fisk, Grove & John, 2014, p.21).

Reasons for Disappointment
The overall quality of the food in the Hunan’s Chinese restaurant is mediocre. I used to go Hunan’s
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