Sample Resume : Clever Career Planning

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Name: Carmen Berkahn
Student number: S0265733
(Please type your answers beneath the questions. Your answers should not be in italics, thanks.)
Module 5: Clever career planning (approx. 200–300 words)
A. Which type of work are you most interested in and why? Answer with respect to the seven types of work listed on The Job Guide website (and in your Study Guide).
I am most interested in writing, both as a journalist or novelist, and in Supply Chain or Logistics Management. Writing, as it is always something that has fascinated me from an early age, and which I have always been advised I have an aptitude.
I have previously had experience in a Logistics role for employment, and enjoyed this immensely, so completing the Supply Chain Management major will allow me to expand on this experience. I also feel that, considering the size of the country, and world, that this will always be a field where I will be able to gain employment.
B. According to your (Jung Typology) personality type, what careers are you suited to? Have these findings challenged or confirmed your previous ideas on possible careers?
According to my personality type I would be suited to either of the aforementioned choices, although it did also suggest career in Information Systems, which I have done in the past, and found I did not enjoy it, although I do still try and keep my technology skills up-to-date.
C. Choose one of these careers and investigate further on the My Future website and The Job Outlook…
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