Sample Resume : Cloud Application Management Essay

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The project aims to develop and sustain the necessary tooling that will assist Cloud application lifecycle management operations, using open standards and languages, where appropriate. As aforementioned, these operations are classified into three distinct categories: (1) application description, (2) application deployment and (3) application monitoring. Cloud application management framework (CAMF) will follow the Eclipse OSGi plug-in based software architecture for each of the aforementioned operations and will inherit the same look-and-feel that Eclipse users are accustomed to. To guarantee the quality of the resulting product, the project will follow designated development cycles with rigorous code reviews, unit tests and release cycles (eclipse, ND). INTRODUCTION A cloud application (or cloud application) is an application program that capacities in the cloud, with a few attributes of an immaculate desktop application and a few qualities of an unadulterated Web application. A desktop application lives altogether on a solitary gadget at the client 's area (it doesn 't essentially need to be a desktop PC). A Web application is put away altogether on a remote server and is conveyed over the Internet through a program interface. Similar to other Eclipse frameworks, CAMF organizes all the files related to a Cloud application in a structured hierarchy that utilizes the Eclipse file system (see Figure 1). Figure 1 - The Cloud Application Project view. RATIONALE Like
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