Sample Resume : Continuous Professional Development

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TASK 1 – AC 1.1, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
The term Continuous Professional Development means to take ownership of one’s own personal development to identify personal and professional needs, setting clear goals, with set guidance on how to achieve them. I believe CPD is important because as a HR professional it is imperative I keep up to date on new and improved HR policies, legislation and developments. it is also important to monitor my own progress, some things I may pick up easily, others I may not, its important to continually to re-assess my progress to see what my needs are and how best to improve them.
Having the right knowledge, skills and displaying the right behaviour is important, knowledge is what I know, Skill the ability to use
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As I am very new to HR the key to my development will be to build strong relationships in the work place and to work with the team already in place to develop my skills and to set up effective HR department.
From doing the CIPD self-assessment I feel the needs below are the most important I need to develop so far,
1. Understand how effective HR can benefit my organisations business strategy, this will enable me to install an effective HR strategy which complements the business needs. To meet this need I will
a. work closely with the business heads for the next 3 months.
b. also shadow a HR consultant (mentor), in a variety of organisations, this way I can see how HR works in different areas.
2. I need to undertake further training in numerous attributes, these include, coaching and mentoring, conflict management, Project management.
a. Book myself on various courses.
b. Work with the project planning team,
3. Update myself on current HR policies and procedures.
a. Use the CIPD website to keep myself updated.
b. Read up on various HR practice work books.
All the above is a very daunting prospect and I know this will take time and patience to learn all I need to know and how I need to be able to do my role effectively. Over the next 3 months I will continue to re-evaluate my learning and to adjust my
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