Sample Resume : Continuous Professional Development

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TASK 1 – AC 1.1, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
The term Continuous Professional Development means to take ownership of one’s own personal development to identify personal and professional needs, setting clear goals, with set guidance on how to achieve them. I believe CPD is important because as a HR professional it is imperative I keep up to date on new and improved HR policies, legislation and developments. it is also important to monitor my own progress, some things I may pick up easily, others I may not, its important to continually to re-assess my progress to see what my needs are and how best to improve them.
Having the right knowledge, skills and displaying the right behaviour is important, knowledge is what I know, Skill the ability to use the knowledge I know, Behaviour is how I act as I carry out the skill using the knowledge I know.
To become an effect HR practitioner I need have the knowledge and understand the most up to date employment law legislation, the current business needs of the organisation I am working in and how HR currently goes about meeting those needs.
As Arturius is a new organisation one of my first tasks is recruitment, I will need to have the skill to be able to keep up to date records and have an eye for detail to ensure all applicants’ details are saved correctly and that nothing is missed. A key goal of mine is to be able to improve staff retention as best as I can to minimise the cost to organisation of re-training and recruiting.
Throughout my…
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