Sample Resume : Counseling Agreement

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Counseling agreement:
After analyzing and discussing what would be more achievable and measurable goals, I help my client to fill out the counseling agreement. In the agreements the realistic goals and rewards were written and signed by both my client and I. The agreements include:

1. Increase fruits and vegetable intake by eating two servings of vegetables and fruits for lunch and again at dinner for the next two weeks.
2. Limit the amount of empty calorie consumption into twice a week and no more than 260 calories per serving, as the MyPlate food guide recommendeda.
3. To be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week for the next two weeks.

Both Mr. William and I choose two weeks period to measure the actions. The reward would be experienced by Mr. William such as reduce the feeling of sluggishness and increase of energy from exercise regularly. If he follows through by limiting empty calorie snacks, it would be beneficial in his weight loss as well. As the counseling process progressing, my client would like to upgrade his reward by treating himself with a seasonal ticket to the game of his favorite football team. It is a great decision because the higher the reward, the harder he would try to accomplish his goals.

Social Support:
At home, he claims that he doesn 't get too much support since his wife is working full-time yet she is also the one who does the shopping and cooking at home. She is willing to support his lifestyle change along…
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