Sample Resume : Cricket Wireless Essay

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Project – Conducting an Interview
Ahmed Salman
Argosy University

An Interview with Mr. Isaacs – A Cricket Wireless Employee

Personally, I work at Cricket Wireless, a mobile service provision firm, which has currently

adopted organizational learning as a way of ensuring success in the dynamic market of mobile

service provision. Cricket Wireless requires all its employees to learn new skill and information

continually. Remarkably, many organizations hold that a learning program makes employees

more productive; thus, a firm becomes more competent in the marketplace (Klenke, 2008). In

this project, I would interview Mr. Isaacs, my colleague at Cricket Wireless, with the aim of

understanding my colleagues’ perspective on the learning program.

In line with Marshall and Rossman (2013), appropriate preparation for an interview requires the interviewer to study the primary problems connected with the topic of study. For that reason, I would be at a better position to ask the right questions concerning the learning program since I work here. A firm’s worker typically has a first-hand experience with all the processes and programs that the company runs (Stake, 2010). Additionally, I would use semi-structured interview questions for this study to allow for collection of rich and unrestricted details regarding Isaacs’ experience with the process. Apparently, this would be a phenomenological study, which requires the interviewer to avoid making prior

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