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Email to the external training provider seeking information about the training
Subject: Customer Service Excellence Course
Dear Sir
I looking forward customer service improvement course a short course for training staffs of organisation. Please inform me If you have the training course and identify of starting date, time, location and the training costs you charge for per person?
I hope your contact me as soon as

Best Regard,

Part D: Report
Summary of meeting
1. Staff training need
• Increase motivation and engagement Yuko cause customer service has a big impact on the success of an organisation, this can be used to motivate and engage members of staff. If you show employees that the company care about their
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To implement effective customer service training with employees, you first need to know what your customers expect from your staff and what their needs generally are. This can be accomplished by giving each customer a comment card, setting up a ratings or feedback section on your company’s website, and/or asking customers about their experience with your company on their last visit and past visits. You also may elect to hire a survey firm that conducts customer satisfaction surveys. For instance, Allegiance, a customer service research firm, offers a number of products for gathering information about your customers and how they interact with your employees (See Resources).

Step 2
Evaluate each employee’s skills and skill level. This can be accomplished simply by watching how an employee interacts with customers and what level of service they offer. Some employees will be natural salespersons and posses the skills to up-sell customers with little effort. Others will be better at problem solving or pre-emptive problem solving in which they are able to identify when a customer is unhappy or unsatisfied and address the situation before it Yuko comes unmanageable. Study your employees and identify which have the best skill sets for a particular customer service need, such as establishing a rapport and up-selling. Conduct regular meetings allowing, each employee to showcase and explain how they carry out their particular skill set.

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