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The course title is Fabulous Customer Service. The course aim is to develop the trainees’ skills and behavior in order to provide excellent customer service. The course will enable trainees to give effective solutions to customer facing problems. Participants will also learn how to present a customer-friendly attitude at all times (Larkin). The course objectives are:
1. Identify the company’s customer service principles.
2. Explain customer service language and the importance of using it when speaking with customers.
3. Demonstrate a consistent, professional style when talking with customers.
4. Prepare the employees to manage demanding customers and difficult circumstances (“Customer Service Training,”n.d.).
The Main Topics with subtopics are:
1. Define excellent customer service.
• What does excellent service look and feel like?
• Discuss experiences of good and bad customer service.
• Describe the responsibilities of customer service.

2. Manage customer questions and issues.
• Quote the customer service contact principles and standards.
• Establish and preserve the customer relationship.
• Adapt to customer behavior styles.

3. Recognize customer needs and respond to requests.
• Question.
• Actively listen.
• Summarize the needs (Larkin).

The activities for the module “define excellent customer service” will be a class lecture and a case study. This module focuses on cognitive strategies and these activities have high cognitive learning outcomes that include an

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