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NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Student: Derick Spellers THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED IN Follow these procedures: If requested by your instructor, please include an assignment cover sheet. This will become the first page of your assignment. In addition, your assignment header should include your last name, first initial, course code, dash, and assignment number. This should be left justified, with the page number right justified. For example: DoeJXXX0000-1 1 Save a copy of your assignments: You may need to re-submit an assignment at your instructor’s request. Make sure you save your files in accessible location. Academic…show more content…
Brian Oddi The NCAA is Distinguished Divisions. Division 1 and 2 are large public universities NCAA Division 3 are usually small private colleges Division I member schools are required to sponsor a minimum of seven sports for women and seven for men or eight for women and six for men. This must include two sports for both men and women. Every separate college season has to be represented by each gender also. There are also scheduling, participant and contest minimums for each sport. Football Bowl Subdivision teams must meet a minimum attendance requirement of an average of 15,000 people in actual or paid attendance for each home game. DI colleges need to meet minimum scholarship awards for their athletics program, and the maximum number of scholarships for each sport is set by NCAA regulation. Division I is home to many of the country’s biggest universities. There are many scholarship opportunities and the competition is cut-throat. This division is seen as the first step towards professional sport. Men 's and women 's basketball teams have to play all but two games against Division I teams; for men, they must play one-third of all their contests in the home arena. Schools that have football are classified as Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) or NCAA Football Championship Subdivision formerly Division I-AA. Football Bowl
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