Sample Resume : Electronic Health Record System Essay

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To: Elizabeth A. Dennis, Esquire
From: Adriane S. Towns
Date: November 18, 2014
Re: Electronic Health Record System

Statement of Facts:
I represent Oakland Hospital, which is a health system with 3 locations. It is considering a plan to implement a new electronic health record system, which it believes will better serve its patients. It wants to make patient medical records available to all doctors affiliated with the hospital. That means doctors that are employees of the hospital, independent practice associations and doctors working as independent contracts. It wants those doctors to be able to access the medical records off site at their medical practice. It will increase patient care because doctors will able to access all medical records for their patients, regardless of which doctor they see in the network. That means if a patient is seen in the ER or by a cardiologist, the doctor will be able to gain access to the notes of other doctors. Also, doctors with new patients will be able to search the records if they want to see patient histories prior to the first appointment with the patient. Your supervising attorney wants you to review HIPAA, case law, and any other sources to make sure this scheme complies and also outline for the client what needs to be done to mitigate any penalties under HIPAA.

Question Presented:
Is it possible for Oakland Hospital to implement a new electronic health record system, according to HIPAA?
How secure will the firewall be
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