Sample Resume : Employee Service Support Specialist Essay

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Background Breonna has been with company for about 3 years as a customer service support specialist. Her job is to file and assist with whatever else is needed by the customer representatives. The organization Breonna works for is a large insurance company in Arkansas, by the name of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Breonna is the only customer service support specialist in her department. She services three different teams alone. One day she notices that the three different teams has their own way of documentation retention. Documentation is retained through either paper or electric form. A couple of weeks ago, before this class, she asked her supervisor Jeanette, why does each team store documentation in different ways? Jeanette instructed Breonna to come up with a documentation procedure so everyone in this department would be on the same page. We are moving in a moderate pace towards a more technological world. Breonna would like to come up with a few procedures on electric documenting retention of incoming and outgoing paperwork. ABCBS has all the tools needed. The representatives don’t know how to use them. Breonna plans on creating step by step instructions that are not currently in place in this area. Breonna think this project is very feasible and will be a much needed update in a department where paper is the most popular form of communication and storing information. Purpose of Project The overall purpose of this project is to determine a document

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