Sample Resume : Florida Tech Spring 2 Semester

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This paper was written by Bradley Fagg Florida Tech Spring 2 semester Earning My Bachelors in Marketing I started out by reading yahoo financial to find any info that would help me out to find out if it would be a good investment at this time. The first thing that stood out was that it had a beta of 1.44362 as of the time this was written. That tells me that this is a stable stock almost near the Market. With a Market capital 585.95 billion shows that they have built a strong stock that most investors would easily consider. They have shown that prior to 2001 they have really made a stable comeback. They really have shown strong earnings to go with lots of institutional investing. They…show more content…
But lets look how it compares in the Numbers APPL Vs. MSFT over the last ten years. It’s a 3000% difference that’s impressive. For Microsoft. In the 10 year period From April 2006 thru April 2016. Apple has risen 2,000 % while Microsoft has risen 5,000%. I feel that they are very comparable for sure. If you put Samsung in the Mix SSNLF It has only seen a 995.09% rise so it’s not really in the same league as the other two. But since the hot comparison is The Galaxy S7 to the Iphone 6S. I think that the by the Iphone being the first good option outside of the Palm pilot and black berry. That really made sense for the average everyday cell phone user. They made it so user friendly it’s how they gained such market share with the Mac’s. If anyone can remember back to the MS-DOS versions of Windows they made almost no sense when files started to get corrupt. If you look back at early macs they were very simple. This is how they became a part of mainstream America. My Family had both growing up our Mac is the one my parents used most. The windows different was it had Word and that’s why I used it. Word has been the separator for my Generation. This might not have anything to do with the financial standing of the Apple stock but the brief history gives a glimpse into the differences between the two competitors products. WIthout understanding how the Company makes money it’s hard to understand the stock I feel. I think that Apple earned it’s way into our homes and then
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