Sample Resume For A Program

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Payments 50% Over the course of the past 7 months I have worked diligently with the Research Program Officers and Finance Team to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our weekly payment request process. In doing so, I have positioned myself as the front line of communication between the finance and research team to answer inquiries relating to payments. I have strived to work with the research program officers to ensure that payments are being scheduled accordingly in regards to their contracted payment schedules. In the case where the scheduled and subsequent payments are delayed I work with the research program officers to send an updated payment schedule to accounting. During my tenure I have made some revisions to the payment requests process that has made the overall process more efficient. One change that I have introduced is adding the grant request ID to the payment requests giving accounting and the research team a uniform jargon when referring to grants. I have created the FedEx Outgoing Checks spreadsheet which is an extensive list of checks that have mailed out since September. This spreadsheet has been highly useful as it has served as a resource for the Research Team to easily track the shipment of checks to their awardees. I have proven to be efficient with communicating the status of payments as well as providing a timeline for payments to Research Program Officers and awardees. I have also been proactive with solving dilemmas regarding payments. This
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