Sample Resume For A Restaurant

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Task 1:
Cooks, or chefs work in restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, clubs, cafes, hospitals, take-away outlets, function centres, catering firms, flight catering centres and ships. Chefs plan menus and estimate food requirements, prepare and cook different foods, portion, present and serve food, monitor food quality, store food hygienically, prepare foods for dietary requirements. Chefs are in charge of the kitchen and staff working in them.
To be a qualified chef in a commercial kitchen you need to complete a Certificate IV in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery). Diploma of Hospitality is the qualification for chefs who wish to acquire skills in management to manage a kitchen or their own restaurant.

Waiter/waitress’ can work in a restaurant, fast food chain, café or hotel, and can work in food or drink service, and “on the floor” or in a bar (if you are over 18).
Waiter/waitress’ may set tables, welcome and seat customers, provide menus, serve food and drinks, open and pour wine, make coffee, prepare bills, take reservations and clear tables.
To be a qualified food and beverage attendant, you should have a Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations) as a minimum, although some places will let you start with no training as they offer training on the job.

Bar attendant-
Bar attendants prepare, mix and serve drinks to customers in hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs.
A bar attendant may serve drinks, draw beer from the…
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